Another day, another desk: GigaOM tests out New York’s coworking spaces



The backstory: Mobile app developer Fueled has only about 30 employees, but more than one hundred people fill out the top floor of its expansive Soho office. That’s because earlier this year it opened up its Fueled Collective coworking space to startups — in part, says Fueled founder Rameet Chawla, to provide his own employees with a more creative environment. Next year, he’s looking to move to a location that could double the size of the community.

Fueled 2What we liked: 
With artisanal chandeliers in the conference rooms, leather couches and dogs roaming around, Fueled feels more like a home living room than an office. It also has a kitchen with a big sitting area and a ping-pong table. Fueled is in a prime location (in the middle of Soho on Broadway) and offers a snack bar piled high with snacks and a refrigerator stocked with coconut water and other fizzy drinks.

What we didn’t like:
Those amenities apparently add up: Fueled Collective is the priciest space on our list, with a monthly rate of $650. Also, it has regular happy hours and parties for its own members but is less focused on networking and educational events for the greater tech community.

The people: It hosts startups that have two to 16-person teams, including gaming and well-being startup Happify and movie-making app Cameo (from the makers of group messaging app Fast Society). Alums include restaurant review app Fondu, which was acquired by Airbnb, and New York’s Klout staff. Also: building mates include Foursquare (Fueled’s sublessor) and ZocDoc.