Perfect stocking stuffer gifts for iPad and iPhone fans

Looking for some last-minute stocking-stuffer holiday gifts for the iPad and iPhone fans on your list that are difficult to buy for? Here are some great products I’ve tested that are unique and functional and unlikely to be something your recipient already has.

Freehands touchscreen-enabled gloves

What it is: Gloves that allow you to keep your hands warm and use a touch-sensitive device

Why it’s great: Most gloves I’ve seen look goofy and remind me of something grandma would knit me for the holidays instead of getting me what I really wanted (Millenium Falcon). Instead of using touch-sensitive glove material, Freehands gloves actually have a tip that can be folded back so you have the full use of your thumb and forefinger. I like the fleece-lined ones as they keep my hands warm during cold Kansas winters.

Price: The prices range from $20 for basic fleece and up to $80 for cashmere or leather.

Who it’s best for: Someone who uses their smartphone all the time and lives in a cold weather environment

Scosche SolBAT II Solar Battery powered backup charger

What it is: A 1500ma external battery with a solar charger for USB-powered devices (such as an iPhone)

Why it’s great: The battery easily charges via micro-USB or the sun. The included windshield cradle allows you to charge while driving (and leaving your cigarette lighter free) and a universal carabiner mount easily hooks onto a backup for a charge throughout the day.

Price: $29.99

Who it’s best for: Students needing a battery boost, travelers, commuters with too many devices to charge.

Jot Flip

What it is: A precision stylus combined with a quality pen.

Why it’s great: I’ve used lots of pens with the rubber tip that enables touch. Most of them don’t have the heft and professional look of a quality pen. Also that rubber tip too often is mistaken for an eraser. The jot flip uses a disc instead of a rubber tip protected with a metal clip. The pen portion retracts back into the Jot Flip. The movement on the iPhone and iPad is very natural and responds with minimum pressure.

Price: $35

Who it’s best for: Anyone with long fingernails unable to easily use a touch screen, users who frequently write or draw on an iPad, business owners requiring signatures (think Square).

SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

What it is: An emergency mobile phone with a standby replaceable AA battery that lasts 10 years plus waterproof bag

Why it’s great: While I have a rugged case for my iPhone, there are some places I won’t take it such as the family boat or while doing outdoor sports. I also like having a spare phone for traveling so I can reach people if my iPhone malfunctions or is stolen. The phone includes a micro-SIM adapter so it can accept the SIM from phones older than the iPhone 5 or a pre-paid SIM. Without a SIM it can dial emergency services such as 911. I keep it in my car for situations in which I need to use a phone (rain, snow) and my iPhone wouldn’t be safe.
Price: $89.99

Who it’s best for: Someone that travels often, someone that needs a spare phone for condition in which an iPhone could get damaged (boater, skier, hiker), or someone stocking an emergency kit.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr userandrewmalone