Confused by the glut of new databases? Here’s a map for you

The flurry of database action over the past year rendered the usual discussion around structured or unstructured, SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases even more, um, nuanced than before.  Matthew Aslett, research manager at 451 Research took the bull by the horns and updated his previous (one-month-old) database road map to include all sorts of new entries. And here (drumroll please) is the result.

Database landscape map

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For comparison, check out Aslett’s next-most-recent database subway map, published in November 2012.


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Note that the updated chart includes such shiny new entries as Akiban, NuoDB, and Parelastic. Kudos to Aslett for sussing this all out. I, for one, plan to print this out as a handy visual aid.