Instagram rolls out new updates, notes temporary privacy display error

Instagram (s fb) is currently in the process of rolling out a few minor updates to the app Thursday night, including a new pink-ish filter called Mayfair, iOS6 (s aapl) integration allowing for easier Facebook sign-ups to the app, the addition of several new languages, and updates to how users can upload their photos to the app. The minor changes likely won’t matter much to the users still frustrated over the company’s controversial terms of service updates released this week, but a glitch that appears for some iOS users who have their photos set to private could cause concern until the company finds a fix.

The company noted that this version of Instagram has a limited issue where some iOS users with the new version who set their photos to private might not appear to have done so when looking at their settings page, a display error that Instagram said it is “actively” working to fix. The company confirmed that as long as photos are set to private, they will indeed be private — as explained on on the help page for this topic — even if the settings page shows otherwise. Users can check their profile screen where they can see follower counts to confirm this, where the display is accurate. Presumably the company will fix the display issue quickly, since needless to say, photo privacy has been a hot button topic recently.

Update: An Instagram spokeswoman confirmed Friday morning that the glitch had been fixed, and the privacy displays are now accurate across the app.

The iOS6 recognition, which will allow Instagram users to sign up for the app without ever heading to Facebook’s screen, comes as the two companies continue to slowly merge together after this fall’s finalized acquisition. With billions of users, it’s becoming more and more likely to that new converts to Instagram might already have a Facebook account, enabling an easier sign-up process.

The company is adding support for 25 new languages, including Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and others. While Instagram isn’t a particularly text-based app, the additions will provide sign-up instructions for those languages, and with apps like Path finding great success in non-U.S. markets including Asia, this addition makes sense. Camera updates include the fact that front-facing camera photos will no longer show up as mirrored, or flipped, and users can select photos from places other than the camera roll, helpful for people who organize photos in multiple folders.