7 Stories to read this weekend

Even though I am off this week, when these stories came across my feed on my iPad, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. 

  • For Anonymous: Indian author of The Wildings writes a poignant essay to the anonymous girl who was gang-raped in Delhi and then thrown from a moving bus. She died in Singapore. But this piece is more than just one women. It is about a nation in crisis and shame.

  • iTunes as a music discovery service: Apple’s (s AAPL) iTunes software might come under criticism for its design and performance, but Tyler Hayes thinks for artists big and small, it is a crucial discovery tool and a way to turn unknowns into stars.

  • Five science stories to watch in 2013: Smithsonian Magazine’s Joseph Stromberg believes the stories to watch next year include supercomputers (and their impact on health), Algae Fuel, Lake Vostok, Comet Ison and Cosmic Microwave background.

  • Facebook (s FB) Poke & the tedium of success theater: Jenna Wortham writes about growing tired of the perfectly coiffed world presented on social webs and is lauding the rise of more real-time services such as Snapchat and Poke.

  • Better than Human: How robots will play a bigger role in our lives and society, by Kevin Kelly

  • The manly origins of Cheerleading: No seriously. 

  • Top 5 website UX trends of 2012: Single Page sites, Infinite Scrolling, Sticky Navigation, end of Web 2.0 aesthetics, and return of Typography were big on the web in 2012.


Video to watch: A short history of the origin of animated GIF. (via Swiss Miss)

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/54791694 w=600&h=337]

A Short History of the Gif | Moving the Still from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.