Google’s Project Glass in NYC to watch the ball drop?

According to the official Times Square website, more than 1 million will flock to New York City to watch the ball drop at the end of 2012. At least one of those people could be wearing a prototype of Google’s Project Glass(s goog) spectacles based on a snapshot found at the Road to Virtual Reality blog: Yesterday in NYC, someone was in public with the goggles, and this version supports eyeglasses.

In case you missed Google’s Project Glass introduction earlier this year, the device shows the wearer a small display in the top right corner of vision. A built-in camera captures still images or videos and the headset can be controlled with a small button or possibly with eye-tracking in the future. Voice interaction for searches, message creation, chat and other services are likely to be integrated as well, providing a near-handsfree experience. Google is selling the device to developers first; they’ll receive their Project Glass-wear in 2013.

This latest image of the prototype the was captured near Google’s New York office, so it’s possible that a Google employee was just out on the town for a work break. But the perfect “cover” to go out in public with the glasses — and capture a birds-eye view of the ball drop at midnight — would be the big event tonight. Amid a million happy New Year’s Eve party-goers wearing 2013 gear, who’s going to notice one person with a small screen and camera on their glasses?