Why only Android and iOS grew their market share in November

WebProNews digs through the latest data from comScore today to report that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS were the only mobile operating systems to grow their share of the U.S. smartphone market in November. Android’s share of the market grew 1.1 percent to a whopping total of 53.7 percent, while iOS saw its share grow .7 percent to reach 35 percent. Meanwhile, Research In Motion, Microsoft and Nokia’s Symbian all saw their market shares dwindle.

Those numbers seem accurate to me, but aside from Symbian’s inevitable demise they paint an incomplete picture. Handsets running Windows Phone 8 didn’t hit the market until we were well into November, and the base of BlackBerry users will surely continue to dwindle until RIM finally launches its overhauled platform in the next several weeks. Meanwhile, a couple of much smaller platforms like Tizen and Firefox OS have yet to hit U.S. shores. So while the November snapshot depicts the emergence of a duopoly, things could look very different a year from now.