Google and the living room: too many platforms

One of my predictions for this coming year is that Google will deliver its own smart-TV stick. While the product will be an output of its innovation culture (remember, innovation is good!), the problem for Google and its culture of innovation — at least as it applies to the TV space — is that it leads to multiple platforms.

The problem with that is multiple platforms lead to confusion on the part of OEM partners. In the TV space, partners have to consider both [email protected] and Google TV, and that’s before even considering building a directly on Android itself.

Which should Google keep, [email protected] or Google TV?  I’m split. Google TV is more TV-optimized, but the vision for [email protected] is bigger and more a true whole-home ecosystem. With obvious interest growing in the smart home, Google needs an answer here.

Another prediction (hey, it’s the month to make them, right?) is that both projects will live on throughout much of this year, but by the end of 2013 they will merge or one will get killed.

Now the only question is, Which one will it be?