Tracking Dell, and OpenStack, to the Cloud

 Brandon Butler of Network World is stating that Dell may want to wait until the end of this year to launch its anticipated public cloud.  Indeed, a vice president with the company told ITWorld (sister publication to Network World) that they are already executing on their cloud strategies, and looking at going after the big name vendors.    However, Dell is waiting for OpenStack to cook a bit more before they launch further into the still emerging cloud computing market.

“Nnamdi Orakwue, Dell’s vice president of cloud, told ITWorld’s Nancy Gohring that the OpenStack platform – which Dell hopes to use as a base for its public cloud – is ‘not where it needs to be.’ Instead of prematurely launching a public cloud service based on nascent technology – which he says rival HP has done – Dell will wait until later this year to launch its public cloud services.”

This is not at all surprising, and jives with what I’m hearing from other technology providers that are committing to OpenStack.    Leveraging a pre-built standard code base, such as OpenStack, is indeed the right direction for many large and small companies moving to the cloud.    However, you’re also betting that the standard code base will take you in productive directions quickly.   That’s not always the case.

Like any other new standard OpenStack will require a lot of work on the part of those driving the standard before it provides true value.   Dell is just stating in public what many others leveraging OpenStack have known for months.   There is no free lunch in the cloud.