CES 2013: Will your next tablet be made of plastic paper?

Plastic Logic, an e-ink display company that has had its shares of ups and downs — mostly downs — is back with a new innovation: a paper-like tablet. Later this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Plastic Logic will be showing off the PaperTab prototype but on Monday shared a brief video of the technology. By all appearances, it looks like it combines a thin, flexible display with a computer chip and sensors:


Indeed, the 10.7-inch touchscreen PaperTab is powered by an Intel(s intc) Core i5 processor. By slightly bending the display, you can turn a page and data can be shared between two PaperTabs by tapping them together.

We’re still early in the tablet days, so don’t expect to see this product on a retail shelf anytime soon. As we’ve seen from both successful tablets and slates that haven’t sold well, the platform, interface and applications are all important pieces to the tablet puzzle.

I think this tech is geared more towards reading activities than all of the various things a tablet can do. But the idea of carrying a lightweight, bendable piece of plastic paper is intriguing for various future products; enough for me to try and stop by to see the PaperTab with my own eyes later this week.