Netflix gets eight shows from Warner Bros, including ‘Fringe’ and ‘Revolution’

Netflix(s nflx) users will soon be able to binge on a new basket of shows thanks to a partnership deal in which Time Warner(s twx) will give the streaming service a new infusion of badly needed content.

The deal, announced Monday, will give Netflix the right to distribute the West Wing but also the post-apocalyptic┬ádrama “Revolution” which has been the most popular new series for the 2012-2013 TV season. Netflix also gets previous seasons of: Chuck; Political Animals; Fringe; Longmire; 666 Park Avenue.

The deal is good news — sort of — for Netflix at a time when it is struggling to replenish its video offerings after many of its initial content deals have expired. The Warner Bros deal makes Netflix “the exclusive online home” for those shows from the 2012-2013 season but this language appears to allow the studio to distribute the shows on other platforms like cable or broadcast.

Meanwhile, Time Warner (Warner Bros parent company) continues to pursue strategies that keep other goodies from Netflix. This week, for instance, it locked up a deal for HBO┬áto have exclusive distribution rights to content from Universal Studios such as “Ted” or “Bourne Legacy.” The deal gives HBO, which Time Warner owns, more popular third party content in addition to its original series like”Game of Thrones.”