From pizza museums to Sundance films: Kickstarter projects collect $274M in 2012

In a big year for self-funding and crowd-funding, it’s hard to imagine 2012 without Kickstarter. The company revealed some stats on how it is used in a presentation posted Tuesday, highlighting just how big the platform has grown — and what it wants to emphasize about its success.

Kickstarter backers pledged more than $300 million for a variety of projects, from an app that tells you when it will rain to a bus stop construction in Athens, Georgia. But as my colleague Ki Mae Huessner pointed out in GigaOM’s post on our favorite Kickstarter projects of the year, there are certainly some questions about the platform’s success.

Plenty of projects don’t hit their deadlines and entrepreneurs have sometimes struggled to meet the demand for scale from backers. However, as Om Malik wrote in his interview with founder Perry Chen, Kickstarter is a visual representation of the crowd funding movement that’s providing new ways for entrepreneurs and makers to access capital. At GigaOM’s Roadmap conference in November, Chen said he has no interest in selling Kickstarter or taking it to an IPO.

Here are some of the most interest pieces of information from the Kickstarter year in review, which can be viewed in full here:

And here are the categories Kickstarter used to break down the funding:

Kickstarter 2012 funded categories projects

And here’s Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen speaking at our RoadMap 2012 conference in November: