LinkedIn continues international growth, hits 200 million members

Linkedin(s lnkd) continues rolling along and collecting users across the globe, announcing in a blog post Wednesday that it’s hit 200 million users. That’s still a small number in comparison to the social media giant Facebook(s fb), but a decent number for a site that targets a fairly different, and more professional, crowd of users.
The majority of LinkedIn users are in the United States (74 million of the 250 million), although the next-highest number of users comes from India, with 18 million users, and Brazil and the United Kingdom, each with 11 million. The company noted that membership is growing fastest in Turkey, and mobile growth is greatest in China and Brazil, speaking to the company’s ability to tap into emerging markets. The biggest sectors that users come from include information technology, financial services, and higher education.
However, 200 million registered members — not regular active users — is still a far cry from Facebook’s 1 billion monthly active users as of October, and even in December, Twitter announced via a tweet that it had more than 200 million monthly active users.