North Korea cuts Twitter followers to 3 — but keeps the guy from Texas

The North Korean government is despotic and cruel — but sometimes it’s just plain strange. Like the time it claimed the late Kim Jong Il (5’3” in heels) shot 38 under par on the golf course. Or, for a more recent example, look at its official Twitter feed.
The Hermit Kingdom this week downsized the number of sources it follows on its Twitter account to just three. While other governments are discerning in who they follow (New York City follows 122 and Great Britain just 27), surely North Korea can handle more than three? More strange is who made the final cut. The first two — communist Vietnam and a Korea propaganda site — make perfect sense, but the third one does not. Take a look:
Screen shot from North Korea Twitter
Jimmy, the guy in the picture, is reportedly just an ordinary 25-year-old fron Texas. Twitter users have accused him of being a spy but he says he has no idea why North Korea follows him.
“I was initially surprised, but I always try to make friends with people from all different locales and backgrounds,” he told Mother Jones, who first reported the story.
(Image by Maxim Tupikov via Shutterstock)