Crushpath is a promising take on social selling

My old friend Sam Lawrence, who I met years ago when he was chief marketing officer at Jive, has founded a new social selling company, Crushpath, which launched last year.
(Just in passing — I have always found the term ‘customer relationship management’ misleading. Or perhaps it’s a good term misapplied to software intended to help sales people sell. So I am going to try to establish a sort of truth-in-analysis pact here, where I will call vertically focused social tools by unambiguous names, whenever possible. Like ‘social selling’, ‘social marketing’, ‘social customer support’, and so on.)
Crushpath is a promising departure from the contact-and-data centric approaches that we have come to think of as ‘CRM’ software. And Crushpath unabashedly positions itself as being pitch-centric, or maybe just sales-centric.
At the heart of the tool is the Crushpath, a timeline-based representation of the interactions between the sales team (shown on the left in the screenshot below) and the prospect (shown on the right below). I think this back-and-forth representation is a great way to keep up with the status of a deal under discussion, and an easy way for a team selling together too coordinate their activities intuitively.

Capturing the give-and-take involves Crashpath’s email integration, but also direct contact with prospects through a second innovation. Crushpath allows sales people to create what they call ‘pitch sites’, which are what they sound like: websites that are customized by Crushpath users to make a pitch to prospective clients. The pitch sites can be general, or designed to interest a specific¬†contact.

In the pitch site above, you can see various contact hooks so that prospective clients can click and send a message to the Crushpath user, starting up a new discussion in a path. Note that the pitch sites are responsive, so they play nice on mobile devices.
While Crushpath is not contact-centric, obviously it allows saving and accessing leads, and generating and sharing projections, so it will fit in with the conventional sales processes in place in most companies, today. However, Crushpath clearly has one foot firmly planted in the new social, web-centric world of business, and aligns with the social logic that today’s sales professionals would like to use, given the right tools.