Video interview: Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose on competing with Amazon & iTunes

“Somebody forgot to tell the American consumer not to buy DVDs,” quipped Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose when I met him at CES in Las Vegas last week. Sure, consumers are transitioning to digital, but they’re also still buying a whole lot of physical media, and transactional VOD – the renting or buying of movies online – in particular hasn’t taken off, he argued.
Rose wants to change that with M-GO, a new service jointly backed by Technicolor and DreamWorks (s DWA) that launched into public beta at CES. M-Go wants to compete with the likes of iTunes (S AAPL) and Amazon, (s AMZN) both of which rent and sell Hollywood movies as well. Rose told me that most of these services are meant to promote hardware or some other kind of product. That’s why they haven’t paid enough attention to marketing and packaging, he contended. M-Go, on the other hand, wants to focus only on content.
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M-Go started as a joint venture between DreamWorks and Technicolor two years ago, and made its first public debut as a company at CES 2012. The end goal is to launch a service that offers access to all kinds of media in one place, including photos and live television. The service launched into beta with content from all major studios except Disney, (s DIS) and also announced a partnership with pay TV network StarZ at CES.
The service is initially available on the web, on Android(s goog) and on devices from Vizio and Samsung. M-Go representatives told me that an iPad app is scheduled for February.