Twitter keeps focus on marketing, analytics partners with Certified Products

Twitter announced Thursday that it’s continued adding brands to its “Certified Products Program,” picking which developers and products working with its API can serve Twitter customers in particular areas, primarily marketing and analytics. The additions reinforce where Twitter is looking to partner, and how it’s continuing to grow as a service for other businesses on its own path toward monetization.
Twitter first began adding products to the Certified Products list this summer, and we explained the rationale behind the program:

This summer, the developer community has been consumed with the question of which apps using the Twitter API will keep the company’s approval and survive, and which will be shut down for conflicting with Twitter’s interests. Twitter first began to distinguish between apps with its August blog postlaying out its priorities in four quadrants and placing an emphasis on businesses over consumers and analytics over engagement.
The company has been steadily moving to monetize its product and become more brand-friendly this summer, so this support for business-oriented apps make sense.

The new products include companies that let brands manage their Twitter accounts (ShoutletSpredfast and Sprout Social), help marketers understand Twitter activity (Adobe Social), help brands create tweets that work with their audience (Percolate and Rallyverse), and help companies measure reactions and activity by users on Twitter (SysomosSimply Measured and Visible Technologies).
This summer, Twitter divvied up developers and their apps into four quadrants on a Twitter chart of approval, showing which ones Twitter likes and which ones it will discourage (aka the upper-right quadrant of doom). So the new additions are a good reminder — analytics and marketing apps built for businesses are in a good place.