How batteries affect wearable design: 1st Google Glass had battery backpack

The battery is one of the biggest inhibitors to designing the shape and weight of wearables. If you ever forget that, just go back and look at the very first prototype of Google(s goog) Glass, Google’s digital, multi-media glasses project in a photo taken by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson. In addition to making you look like a Borg, you can see the first prototype’s got a backpack attached to it that Jurvetson says was full of batteries to power the device.
Google Glass
In the above photo,¬†Google X’s Sarah Price is showing off the original prototype in a slide while sporting the current model, which is way more refined, has a much smaller battery and can still power the glasses for a day. The next prototype — but still an early version — is below.
Google Glass
And finally the current version below that you can see Googlers sporting around the campus and elsewhere (I saw a pair in the wild at a Mission pub this weekend).
Sergey Brin Google Glass
Top two photos courtesy of Jurvetson, creative commons. Bottom photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk.