Hosted continuous integration platform Wercker picks up $1M in seed funding

The Amsterdam-based cloud code deployment platform Wercker just completed a seed funding round – the number is undisclosed, but we understand from sources close to the deal that it’s somewhere in the region of $1 million.
Wercker’s goal is to take the pain out of the continuous delivery and testing of cloud-based apps. With source code being stored and versioned on the likes of Github and Bitbucket and deployed on platforms such as Heroku(s crm) and Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Wercker aims to handle the bit in-between so updates can be pushed out quickly and regularly without breaking stuff.
You can already do this with services such as Jenkins, but that requires setting up and maintaining a Jenkins server – Wercker approaches the same idea from a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) standpoint. The company also adds in social features, such as activity feeds, so people can see who in the development team changed what.
It’s a good idea, which is why Wercker won both the judges’ choice and people’s choice awards at GigaOM’s Structure: Europe Launchpad competition, and also presumably why Shamrock Ventures, Greylock Partners and Amsterdam micro-VC Vitulum Ventures have thrown a million bucks at the company.
“Our team and investing partners see Wercker as an innovative leap for cloud developers, making developer teams social and open, and helping to radically accelerate developer productivity,” Shamrock MD Dan Harple said in a statement.
This is an opportune win for Wercker, because it’s not the only outfit picking at this particular sore point of software development at the moment. Others piling into the hosted continuous integration game include the Austrian startup Codeship (formerly Railsonfire), which has spent a few months honing its product in Berlin and is about to make the leap to San Francisco, as well as Circle CI and Travis CI.