Podcast: Q&A, Google Voice on Windows Phone? Chromebook on iMac? AirPlay v. Bluetooth?

With the mobile market becoming a central part of everyone’s lives, it should make things simple, right? Not so fast: All this mobile tech can be equally as confusing with different platforms, networks, devices and more. That’s the idea behind our newest GigaOM podcast. You can call in or tweet a question and I’ll answer it on the show.
To be a part of the show, just call in and leave a voicemail at 262-KCTOFEL. If you do, we’ll play back the question on the show and answer it. Or you can tweet me at @kevinctofel on Twitter. Each week, I’ll answer as many questions as I can while keeping the podcast to a manageable amount of time: 20 to 30 minutes at most.
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Stitcher Radio
Host: Kevin C. Tofel

  • Who has the faster LTE network: Verizon(s vz)(s vod) or AT&T (s t)?
  • How can I use Google Voice(s goog) on Windows Phone(s msft)?
  • What should we expect this year in mobile payments?
  • Can I connect a Chromebook to an iMac(s aapl)?
  • Does the Chevy Volt(s gm) have integrated 3G?
  • Should I use AirPlay or Bluetooth with my huge iTunes library?
  • Is it too late for Intel(s intc) in the mobile space?

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