Report: Nokia’s PureView super camera coming to Windows Phone

The next flagship Nokia(s nom) Lumia phone is expected to use a vastly improved camera sensor. A report from The Verge, published on Wednesday, suggests the planned handset will be a “a true PureView Windows Phone”(s msft) meaning it could have a 41 megapixel camera along with better optical image stabilization.
Nokia built a Symbian-powered PureView 808 phone last year, mainly as a concept device to show how impressive the technology is. Pictures taken with the PureView 808 handset show outstanding detail even when zooming in on a photo. The sensor in the phone, however, was very thick in comparison to currently available, lower-resolution sensors, so it wasn’t used in Nokia’s Lumia 920. Instead, some of the features were included — the image stabilization, for example — and paired with a lower resolution sensor.
The Verge notes that along with a PureView sensor, the refreshed Lumia — codenamed EOS — will be made from aluminum instead of the current plastic polycarbonate material Nokia uses for the Lumia 920. This should make for a lighter phone, even if it does have a hefty sensor.
An improved camera solution certainly won’t hurt Nokia’s Lumia sales, but will it give a big boost to Windows Phone sales in general? Probably not; at least not on its own. That’s why I’m waiting to see what other tricks Nokia has up its sleeve for the next generation of Lumia devices.