Twitter debuts new video-sharing app Vine

Twitter introduced Vine on Thursday morning, following a day of speculation about the company’s intentions with video after CEO Dick Costolo shared a video created through the video startup. Twitter announced that Vine will remain a separate app rather than building it into Twitter’s functionality like the company’s version of photo-editing that competes with Instagram(s fb).
The new Vine app will let users send six-second looped videos, keeping the length short (much like the amount of text allowed in a tweet.) Several other startups have attempted the “Instagram for video” concept, often involving short video clips of just a few seconds, but not all of these have been successful. If Vine does succeed it could be a huge win for Twitter, but consumer interest in shooting and editing video is still unproven.
Twitter wrote a brief blog post about the app on its site:
“Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”
The company posted examples of tweets containing Vine videos. The short videos appear within the tweets and play automatically when the tweets are expanded. A Twitter spokeswoman noted that videos shared through Vine can be shared to Twitter or Facebook. A blog post on Vine confirmed that that company has been acquired by Twitter, which was first reported by AllThingsD in October:

We’re also happy to share the news that Vine has been acquired by Twitter. Our companies share similar values and goals; like Twitter, we want to make it easier for people to come together to share and discover what’s happening in the world. We also believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140-character Tweet or a six-second video.

AllThingsD also first reported on Wednesday that the Vine app could be released the next day. The Vine app is free to download in Apple’s App Store beginning Thursday, and is currently only available for iPhone and iPod touch. The company noted it’s working to get Vine on other platforms soon.