Want to use Facebook’s social graph to find friends on Twitter’s Vine? Good luck

Twitter rolled out its video-sharing app called Vine on Thursday morning, and by Thursday evening it already looks like your Facebook sharing options are limited. Perhaps we’ve moved from photo wars to video wars? It looks like users are no longer able to connect with friends on the “find friends” page of Vine through their Facebook social graph, even though a Facebook sign-in is one of several options to find new users on Twitter’s video-sharing network.
Twitter Vine video Facebook loginTwitter declined to comment on the development, and Facebook hasn’t yet responded to our request for comment. But the competition is hardly surprising as the two companies compete for user attention. After all, the social graph is one of the most valuable products Facebook holds. But it’s a bummer if you’re looking for a nice video experience on Vine right off the bat.)
So far, you can still share videos out to Facebook, but with the relationship between Facebook’s Instagram(s fb) and Twitter having recently deteriorated, a rocky Facebook/Vine relationship wouldn’t be surprising.
Twitter initially blocked Instagram users from finding friends through the micro-blogging service back in July. Instagram then removed support for Twitter cards in December, meaning users would have to head to Instagram to see their friends photos. And then Twitter rolled out its photo-editing features in direct competition with Instagram.