Signs point to a 128 GB Apple iPad coming soon

Feeling a little cramped by the 64 GB of storage in your iPad(s aapl)? You may soon be able to stretch out and relax a little more on your tablet: The latest iOS 6.1 beta software hints at iPads with 128 GB of storage capacity. 9to5 Mac’s sources say that such a device would be identical to the current models, so the only difference would be the amount of flash memory.
Buried in the Apple’s iOS 6 beta code are references to the 128 GB of storage and was found by Twitter user @iNeal this past Saturday:

Assuming Apple does introduce a 128 GB iPad model, I’d expect the price jump to be $100 over the current 64 GB versions; Apple typically adds $100 for each step up to higher memory for its iOS devices.┬áThat would put this model at $799 for a Wi-Fi tablet, likely to appeal more to those who use their iPad as a primary device in place of a laptop. Or those that want to carry every MadMen episode in high-definition with them on their iPad.