Why 2013 won’t be the year for super speedy WiGig products

There could be a delay in planned WiGig products that transfer data at super fast speeds up to 6 gigabits-per-second across short distances. What’s the holdup? According to Mobile World Live: The merger between the WiGig Alliance and the Wi-Fi Alliance, which was announced earlier this month.
wigigAlthough the merger activities may delay products, the two groups working together will help product development and adoption of WiGig technology. This will make it easier for product manufacturers to use both standard Wi-Fi and WiGig in devices and make it simple for consumer to understand the different wireless capabilities since WiGig is very different.
The technology is meant for fast transfers between devices close to each other or in the same room by using 60 GHz spectrum. Expect to see wireless computer docks, easier ways to stream content from a mobile device to a large screen and other similar use cases where WiGig can replace today’s data transfer cables.
WiGig started as a 2009 initiative with bold plans to deliver products as early as 2010, but that date came and went a while ago. And recently, the WiFi Alliance has spent much effort on the new 802.11ac standard for Wi-Fi, which uses wider channels and multiple data streams to boost wireless speeds and range well beyond 802.11n products. But this market is just getting started, so 802.11ad product certifications that include WiGig functionality, originally expected for 2013, are looking like a 2014 event at this point.
According to a video interview with Dr Ali Sadri, WiGig Alliance Chair,  “Based on our existing plan we should have certification in place later this year so there’s a little slip of the programme, maybe even beginning of ‘14.”