Computers and networks are under attack! (charts)

Data centers — the home of web services and cloud computing — are finding themselves the victim of more online attacks, according to a survey released Tuesday by Arbor Networks, a security and deep-packet inspection firm.
The company released its eighth annual security survey covering all areas of web security, from IPv6 transition to mobile networks. But the notable bits involve who is getting attacked, how often they are under siege and what is actually causing most network and service outages. From the report:

Nearly half of respondents experienced DDoS attacks towards their Internet data centers during the survey period. Ninety-four percent of these respondents report seeing DDoS attacks regularly . As more companies move their services to the cloud, they now must be wary of who is in the cloud with them . Attacks may not only affect the intended victim, but collateral damage can also impact others sharing the same infrastructure.

So who’s getting attacked by these distributed denial of service attacks? Mostly e-commerce sites followed by end users and gambling sites.
How often does it happen? More often than you might think, with over half of the respondents seeing one to 10 attacks per month. Of those attacks, though about 66 percent last less than 30 minutes according to Arbor’s data.
Finally, the report showed a bit of a disconnect between the causes of service outages and the worries of IT professionals. It appears that while internal misconfiguration of servers was the second most common cause of an outage (as opposed to some type of attack), IT pros listed attacks as their top four concerns for the coming 12 months with internal configuration errors coming in fifth. I suppose that makes sense. I worry far more about someone breaking into my house and stealing something compared to me losing it on my own.