Cloud Computing Paranoia Continues

This is an article that caught my eye: Is Your Private Life Safe Under Cloud Computing?  The article cites a study from the European Parliament.
The study concludes: “The challenge of privacy in cloud computing is underestimated, if not ignored. The main concern arising from the growing reliance on cloud computing is less the possible increase in cyber fraud or crime than the loss of control over individual identity and data.”
In other words, we’ll be stuffing more data into public clouds where the perception is that they are somehow less secure.  Thus, we’ll end up compromising some of our personal data.
Moreover, the articles goes on to suggest that the Patriot Act will give US government agencies the right to grab US and EU data.  “The U.S. Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendment Act is said to give the U.S. government enormous leeway to collect all kinds of information on wide swathes of people without requiring a warrant based on probable cause.”
The reality of all this is that, while there is always a danger that your personal data will be compromised, the use of public clouds is typically not the problem.  We’ve been stuffing personal information into Websites for years, without this much thought about security.
The fact that data now exists within public cloud providers should not be that much scarier.  Indeed, if security planning is done right, and the right security mechanisms are leveraged, your data should actually be safer in public clouds than it is in the average corporate data center.
In other words, there is no need to fear the cloud.  You are so much more likely to compromise your personal information in other ways that the movement to the public cloud is the least of your worries.