Judge denies new trial, keeps Apple’s $1B verdict over Samsung intact

The patent trial between Samsung and Apple didn’t end this summer. A jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple(s AAPL) more than $1 billion for infringing on a handful of its mobile patents, but the judge is still sorting things out: late Tuesday, Judge Lucy Koh decided against a retrial and did not change Apple’s jury award.

What happened

  • Apple’s not getting more than $1 billion. Disagreeing with the jury, Koh found that Samsung’s infringement of Apple’s mobile patents was “not willful,” The Verge reported. That’s a key distinction because if she had, then the jury-calculated $1.049 billion award could have been tripled.
  • Several Apple design patents were not ruled invalid. Samsung had quibbled over some tap-to-zoom patents Apple claimed, but the judge found in favor of Apple. (via AppleInsider)
  • There will be no re-do of the trial. Samsung believed that how the the trial was handled was unfair and wanted a retrial. Ars Technica explains why Judge Koh disagreed.

What’s next

Still, we’re not done with the Apple-Samsung patent spat. Next up, both sides — each of which has its own complaints about the verdict and how the trial was handled — can begin filing appeals.