HBO Go on Apple TV? It could arrive this year

Two years after arriving in iOS devices, HBO may be coming to Apple TV. Apple(s AAPL) is said to be in talks with Time Warner (s TWX) to bring its HBO Go app to its set-top box(s AAPL), according to a report from Bloomberg on Thursday. It could arrive by sometime around the middle of this year.
HBO Go, which requires a subscription, is only available to users who get HBO from their cable provider, so it’s not a solution for cord cutters to simply pay for à la carte HBO programming separate from cable or satellite. But it’s a boon for HBO subscribers who want to access the provider’s backlog of content: HBO Go makes every episode of every season of every HBO show available to subscribers.
Apple has been reportedly in discussion with U.S. cable companies, including Time Warner, for many months about ways to bring cable content to its set-top box. The news that HBO Go could arrive by mid-2013 is the most significant sign yet that the two are making headway in the negotiations.
This would not be the first time Time Warner has made HBO Go available on a set-top: it’s already on Roku set-top boxes and on Microsoft’s Xbox 360(s MSFT) console. Neither is it a first for Apple customers. HBO Go has been available as an app on the iOS App Store since 2011.
But it would be a possible selling point for Apple as it continues to figure out its television strategy. Though the company sold two million set-top boxes during the final quarter of 2012, the company’s leadership won’t commit publicly to what the future holds for the device. CEO Tim Cook has moved from calling Apple TV a hobby to “an area of intense interest.”