Please Fund Government Clouds

According to this Network World Article, “High among the barriers to the adoption of cloud computing in the government sector, right alongside concerns over security and cross-border issues, is a general confusion about what, exactly, the cloud means, according to a group of panelists speaking here at the annual State of the Net technology policy conference.”

It’s not for lack of desire.  Moving to cloud computing has been a “hot topic” amongst federal CIOs and government IT organizations for the last several years.  Indeed, the Obama administration has pushed a “cloud-first policy,” which directs agencies to leverage cloud computing whenever possible.
The true issue here is not confusion about the definition of cloud computing, it’s the lack of funding to drive the movement to cloud-based platforms.  Government CIOs are hard-working people, and have to focus on their operational responsibilities first.  This means directing resources to support the business of government.  There are little or no resources left to drive to new technology, including cloud computing.
Cloud computing can have a huge positive benefit for government agencies.  However, in order for the cloud migration to begin, the Feds need to provide the agencies with the expertise they require, as well as provide funding to lubricate the transition of core system to cloud-based platforms.
It’s not enough to strongly suggest that they move to the cloud, it’s time to get to work.