ClearDB brings stability to MySQL databases in the cloud

Texas-based cloud services company SuccessBricks, Inc. wants you to stay connected to your MySQL database, no matter what. The company’s flagship product ClearDB is the technology that powers MySQL services in Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud, and it’s also available at the enterprise level in clouds like Amazon EC2 and Rackspace.
ClearDB is a powerful database as a service that takes a unique multiregional approach to maintaining data availability, even during failure events. The results are promising; ClearDB is helping companies focus on their applications and customers, not their database.
“The cloud has a lot of advantages, but it can also force you to maintain a 24 hour operations team just for your database,” says Cashton Coleman, the company CEO. “Our approach with ClearDB is to remove this requirement for our customers, which saves them money and keeps their teams focused on development and customer experience.”
In the cloud downtime can occur from a variety of factors, from simple hardware failure to widespread regional outages.
“If a severe weather event takes an entire region offline, will you stay connected to your data?” asks Coleman. “ClearDB technology replicates data in real-time between multiple masters in multiple regions.”
ClearDB uses native MySQL, so it’s made to work with existing code. With 24/7 support included in all enterprise level services, plus a 100 percent SLA-backed uptime guarantee, ClearDB helps companies keep resources focused where they need them most, not on IT-level database administration.