Coming to a Gym Near You…Cloud-Based Fitness

It was interesting to see a new concept for a gym emerge, called Koko FitCloud. Koko focuses on the use of technology and the collection and analysis of data, as it makes sure you do “two more reps.”  “The heart of Koko is technology. So unlike traditional, figure-it-out-yourself ‘gyms’ or expensive personal trainers, Koko FitClub automatically tracks and reports your progress and performance during and after each session. So you not only see results in the mirror, you can see, and even chart them, online as well.”

Of course, they are not the only gym to leverage telemetry technology, and computers integrated into equipment.  However, the holistic focus on the technology as a method of monitoring and improving your training is indeed unique.  In essence, all of the devices and equipment you use know who you are, and what you’re doing, and are able to share data as well as provide a complete picture of your progress, or the things you’re doing wrong.
I’ve been attempting to leverage telemetry equipment (e.g., heart rate monitors) and on-equipment sensors for years.  With the arrival of smart phones, the data collection devices became plausible, although the data is still difficult to integrate, and then you have to make sense of all of the data you’re generating.  Indeed, I’ve returned to paper many times just because the amount of work to drive the technology outweighs (no pun intended) the benefits.
Technology continues to advance, and these data integration and interpretation problems will eventually work themselves out.  As we get more comfortable in sharing data in the cloud, the aggregation of information from gym equipment, telemetry devices, and our own reporting will empower us to make the right choices concerning our workout regimens.  Moreover, we can eliminate the cost of a personal trainer, and it’s a system that will be manageable and cost effective for years to come.