Early BlackBerry sales sound good, but they don’t mean much

BlackBerry is boasting about the debut of its new operating system, claiming “record” sales of its two new handsets that are now “sold out” at some retailers in Canada and the U.K. The company said in a prepared statement that the coming-out party was “50 percent better than any other launch day in our history in Canada,” and the new Z10 is “selling almost three times better” than other new BlackBerry products in their first week.

Just how successful the launch of the new platform has been is far from clear, however. BlackBerry has yet to divulge any hard numbers regarding sales, and MarketWatch cites one analyst who claims the company “seems to be following a strategy of deliberate scarcity for the Z10….”

Here’s the bottom line: Canada and the U.K. are relatively small markets, and BlackBerry 10 won’t hit the U.S. for several more weeks. There are still reasons to hold out hope that the Canadian manufacturer can turn things around — Bloomberg reported today that T-Mobile USA is pretty impressed with the new OS — but we won’t really be able to gauge BlackBerry’s prospects until April. At the earliest.