GetGlue updates iPhone app, gets ready to integrate Hulu and other web content

Social TV startup GetGlue rolled out an update of its iPhone app Thursday, adding a programming guide, show feeds and the ability to chat with Facebook (s FB) friends about a show. Also in the works is a partnership with Hulu, which serves as a good reminder on how much the TV space is changing.
The iPhone (s AAPL) app brings many of the features previously rolled out on the iPad and the web to the mobile phone. This includes a new program guide as well as an activity feed that pulls in content from throughout the web, as well as specific feeds for individual shows.

GetGlue's new iPhone app taks conversations about shows to Facebook.

GetGlue’s new iPhone app taks conversations about shows to Facebook.

Also interesting: GetGlue’s new iPhone app uses Facebook likes to determine which of your friends watch the shows you are into, and then offers you the ability to tag them in a Facebook post about the show, essentially extending the conversation beyond the core of GetGlue’s four million registered users. GetGlue founder and CEO Alex Iskold told me Wednesday that he hopes to relaunch the Android app with the same feature set in the next four to six weeks.
But wait, there’s more: GetGlue is currently working on a multi-faceted partnership with Hulu. There is going to be some promotional element that will give GetGlue users the ability to earn a month-long free trial of Hulu Plus, but more interesting is that GetGlue is committed to index all of Hulu’s original content, including shows like Battleground and the Awesomes. “We are not about linear TV. We are about what to watch,” Iskold told me.
That’s a reflection of how the world of TV is changing: There used to be a clear line between the short-form content posted on YouTube and the professionally-produced shows that air on TV, and possibly find their way online afterwards for catch-up viewing. But with companies like Netflix (s NFLX) and Hulu pouring millions into the production of original content, that line is becoming increasingly blurry.
The most striking example for this was the launch of House Of Cards on Netflix, but Hulu and YouTube have increased their commitment to professional content as well. It only makes sense for GetGlue to surface that content through their app.