RunKeeper revamped for Android with new design, features

RunKeeper, the popular activity tracking mobile application, has a new look, feel and feature set for Android(s goog) device owners. On Thursday, RunKeeper 3.0 for Android was released, bringing the visual look up to par with RunKeeper for iPhone(s aapl): The iOS version got its own refresh in December. Why the quick turnaround for an Android follow-up? New RunKeeper users own Androids in growing numbers.
According to RunKeeper CEO and founder, Jason Jacobs, the split of active RunKeeper users favors iOS devices 3 to 1. But in terms of RunKeeper newbies? “New users are approaching more like 60/40 iPhone/Android with Android continuing to gain,” Jacobs told me in an email this morning.

RunKeeper 3 for Android

So what’s in the update for those Android users of RunKeeper, both new and old? According to a blog post on the company’s site:

  • Visual redesign. Complete visual redesign from the ground up with Android design guidelines and best practices in mind.
  • In-activity splits. Shows your pace per mile/km or workout interval throughout the activity (there was some serious celebration about this one around the office).
  • ‘Me’ tab. Central place in the app to view your goal progress, personal records, and activity tally over time.
  • Audio cue improvements. More robust audio cues.
  • Workout reminders. The ability to schedule your next workout when you finish the last one, to provide an extra layer of accountability to make sure you get out there when you should.

Although I haven’t taken time for my run yet today, I’m looking forward to trying the updated version on my Android. The biggest improvement I’m looking forward to is the in-activity splits as well as the overall look and feel that uses more of Google’s Android design guidelines.