Uber launches new enterprise product to hook employees on the service

What’s a good way to get  more people hooked on Uber cars? The company is hoping that introducing them to Uber at work through a company program — Uber’s first foray into enterprise — isn’t a bad bet.
The company wrote in a blog post Thursday that it’s rolling out Uber perks to allow companies to distribute Uber credits to all their employees, designed for the size and scale of a particular group:
“Starting today, your company can offer these same transportation benefits through Uber Perks, our program for giving monthly Uber credits to people in your organization,” Uber wrote in the blog post.
Getting employees hooked on Uber through work would likely translate to more people using the service on weekends and off-work hours (when Uber pricing goes up.) The company has a history of trying out a variety of buzz-worthy marketing tactics, and has recently seen regulatory wins in states including California, prompting the company to note that it plans to roll out ride-sharing in the near future.