Which iPhone app may get you into Stanford? The one you make

Standing out from the crowd of applicants vying to get into Stanford University’s Computer Science undergraduate program is no easy task. That’s not surprising, given the high rankings Stanford has: U.S. News rated it No. 2 for Computer Science in 2012, for example. With such a reputation, the competition for admission is fierce. So how does one think outside the box and grab the attention of admissions officers? Write an iPhone(s AAPL) app!

That’s exactly what Alex Greene did, which I think is brilliant and gives new meaning to the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Greene’s software isn’t something that anyone else would use, as it’s very specific. Basically, in a fun way, it explains who he is and why he wants to attend Stanford after high school.

Have a look:


Is the app glitzy and full of features? No, not at all. But in building the app, Greene would have my attention if I were on the admissions committee. Greene spent the time to add something extra to his application package while at the same time demonstrating that he’s got a passion for his intended course of study. Apparently, there really is an app for everything.