What is my research agenda for 2013?

I’ve been putting off writing about my research agenda for the year, since I just assumed this new role of Social ‘curator’ for GigaOM Research (formerly GigaOM Pro) back in early December. Two months later I think I can talk a bit more about my focus and goals.

Obviously, social business is a very hot marketplace. There’s a lot going on, with major vendors aggressively positioning themselves for a leadership position in what is going to be a huge marketplace, already projected for be headed for tens of billions per year in this decade.

Here is an outline that I intend to fill in over the coming weeks. Ping me on Twitter (@stoweboyd) if I have left something critical out.

Social Business:

Technologies, techniques and communities related to work media (enterprise social networks), social selling (CRM), social media/social marketing, social talent management (HR), social knowledge, social design (and I plan to dig in deeply to the world of developers (Github, Stack Overflow), and designers (Behance)).

Economic and societal drivers, like accommodating the 3D workforce (distributed, decentralized, and discontinuous), the postnormal economy, the power of social density.

Other themes: Debunking the myths of management, social cognition, science not folklore, network science, social literacy.

Future of Work

Post PC, BYOD, BYOS, 3D workforce.

Coworking, workplace design, generational change, remote work.

Innovation and creativity, play, mindfulness, attention, open collaboration.

In the near term I am working on a report that explores a number of themes on the future of work, and I will write a series of posts in the next few weeks on those topics, leading toward that report. At the end of the year I plan to return to a roadmap on work media tools, and revisiting that vitally important area. I am planning several others, one of which is likely to be an examination of the social communities and technologies used by designers and developers.

More to follow.