Apple issues iOS 6 software fix for iPhone 4S owners

Amid warnings from some European carriers and complaints from business customers of possible software issues with Apple’s(s aapl) latest iOS 6.1 upgrade, Apple released an update on Monday. The software, iOS 6.1.1, is available for iPhone 4S owners only as an over-the-air update or via download.

The issue was found to affect the iPhone 4S, an older model of the iPhone. Some who had upgraded to 6.1, released a few weeks ago, reported having problems, including degraded 3G connectivity or trouble making phone calls or connecting to the internet at all. Other users reported problems with Microsoft Exchange(s msft) after the update, and AOL said 6.1 interfered with its mobile meeting software(s aol) for iOS.

Last week Austria’s 3 and Germany’s Vodafone warned their subscribers not to upgrade to iOS version 6.1 until Apple had a chance to address the issues. The update issued Monday is supposed to have addressed all of them.