Leaked image of new HTC One looks nothing like the old One

A reported image of HTC’s yet-to-be-announced flagship phone is making the rounds and although it may share the same name as last year’s model, it looks nothing like it. The alleged HTC One photo comes from Twitter user @evleaks and shows a rather industrial looking Android(s goog) device with capacitive buttons.

HTC One leaked image

The new handset, expected to appearĀ at an HTC press event in New York City next week, appears to be all screen although it’s impossible to determine the display size. Also shown is a new look for the HTC Sense software that runs atop Google Android.

It’s likely that the phone is the M7, a codename for the company’s 2013 flagship: If so, that’s the phone that is rumored to have a 13 megapixel camera with images comprised of data from three sensors. This would allow for a wider range of color and depth in photos and will reportedly be marketed as “Ultrapixels” instead of megapixels.

HTC is looking for flagship hit after taking a beating in the smartphone market for the past year or two. The company embraced Android before its peers and reaped the benefits of Android’s user-base growth. But lately, the company has gone from profits and growing sales to losses both financially and in market share as Samsung has gobbled up the majority of Android sales.

A year ago, HTC changed its strategy by offering the HTC One with a focus on a single smartphone line; similar to what Samsung has accomplished with its Galaxy handsets. Strangely, reports indicated that this new phone will also be called the HTC One, which could confuse. I’m attending next week’s HTC press event, so I’ll get the details but I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC uses “One” as its brand, much like Samsung does with “Galaxy.”