Truphone extends low-cost global calling network with Wi-Fi

Truphone on Monday announced plans to add a new network to its global GSM partnerships: it’s Wi-Fi. The new Truphone+ service , expected to debut at Mobile World Congress, will take advantage of wireless hotspots to broaden worldwide coverage and improve call quality. Currently, Truphone calls are supported through partner networks in more than 220 countries with a single SIM card; Truphone+ will routes call over the web.

Calls over Wi-Fi aren’t exactly new, but I like what Truphone is doing here. The new Truphone+ concept, which blends the Wi-Fi routing service with Truphone’s app, not only adds coverage in areas with weak or no cellular service; it does so smartly. From the press release:

“Truphone+ uses “intelligent routing” to automatically choose whether to carry the call over GSM or Wi-Fi by making real time measurement of signal quality. The user needs only to ‘press call’ to make a secure connection over the highest quality link available.

With an elegant user interface designed to streamline the user experience, Truphone+ puts more control in the hands of the user. A call cost indicator displays the precise per-minute cost so the user can decide when and where they want to make a call, thereby eliminating bill shock.”

So the new app will allow the user to control the voice experience as well as automatically choose the better connection type. And that can save some serious cash on roaming or other charges. The service also allows multiple numbers for a single SIM card; handy for separating work and personal calls or for having a local number in different countries.

Truphone+ supports smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS(s aapl), Google Android(s goog) and BlackBerry 10(s bbry) smartphones and tablets.