Apple lowers price on 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

Just four months after Apple introduced its first 13-inch notebook with Retina display, the company has bumped up some of the specs while lowering some prices on its notebooks. On Wednesday, Apple(s aapl) announced that it is slashing $200 off its base model 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. The 128GB version will now go for $1,499. The slightly bumped-up 256GB version will also be dropped down to $1,699.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display isn’t getting a price adjustment, but Apple has thrown in a slightly faster 2.4 GHz processor, while the highest-end version now has a 2.7 GHz processor and 16 GB of memory. In addition, The 13-inch MacBook Air with 256GB of storage is now priced at $1,399. Overall, Apple made is a bit less expensive to upgrade to  higher capacity storage, like 512GB and 768GB, by about $200 to $300.

Apple says the new models will be available starting Wednesday in Apple’s retail stores, at authorized resellers and on Apple’s website.

The Mac was a particular sore spot in the company’s quarterly results posted last month, as Apple sold about a million or 22 percent fewer during the last quarter of 2012 than it had during the same quarter in 2011. Apple officials blamed the unavailability of new iMac models until the end of the quarter.

This story was updated at 6:41 a.m. PT with additional detail about flash storage updates.