Over-the-top voice and SMS: empowering your apps

You’ve probably seen the news. With over the top (OTT) voice and SMS, telecom is not just for dial tone providers anymore.

OTT refers to services being carried “over the top” of another carrier’s network through the use of APIs, SDKs and other online tools. The openness and availability of the internet and its increasing bandwidth for fixed and mobile users have made OTT possible, creating new, disruptive markets where application developers can compete.

But how can you bring new two-way communications capabilities that integrate into the nation’s public switched telephone network (PSTN) into your application? Bandwidth, the wholesale telecom company that thinks like a software developer and powers leading OTT providers, has prepared a new ebook to help you get started.

Download this ebook to learn:

Examples of OTT services currently available
The regulatory landscape
What to look for in an OTT voice and SMS provider