Cambridge Innovation Center takes its show on the road

The Cambridge Innovation Center, where numerous Boston-area startups have spent time, plans to launch similar workspaces in Baltimore and St. Louis, according to a report in Monday’s Boston Globe.  It also plans to add more space locally.

Cambridge Innovation Center

Cambridge Innovation Center

Located in Kendall Square near MIT  — and with VMware(s vmw), Microsoft(s msft), Google(s goog), Amazon(s amzn), IBM(s ibm) and Oracle(s orcl) offices within a stone’s throw — CIC hosts innumerable hackathons and meetups, becoming a hub of the Boston-area startup scene.

Startups can rent a desk at CIC’s Cambridge Co-working Center for $535 a month or, if they prefer, they can plunk down $5,200 per month for  a swank, three-person office with a view.

CIC claims to have launched more than 1,000 companies since opening 23 years ago

Tim Rowe, CEO of the center and a partner at New Atlantic Ventures told the Globe, the goal is to “create communities of people who are making an impact … We really should be doing that everywhere.”

Co-working spaces are booming — especially in areas where real estate prices are sky high. Many San Francisco area startups launch from RocketSpace, and New York has lots of co-working options, as GigaOM’s Ki Mae Heussner has reported.

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