5 startups from Rock Health that want to use technology to make you healthier

Digital health is a hot right now, and when it comes to digital health startups, Rock Health is one of the first places to look. The company held a demo day Wednesday for its fourth class of startups, bringing its total portfolio of companies to 49.

This class, which includes 14 companies, has raised a total of $13.9 million outside of the funding from Rock Health, and all of the accelerator’s portfolio companies have raised $43 million, with an average of $900,000 per startup. Rock Health initially gave startups $20,000 in funding, but was then joined by Kleiner Perkins last August to increase funding per startup by another $100,000.

Among the companies that presented Wednesday at UCSF’s campus in San Francisco, here were some of my favorites that you might want to check out:

  • Eligible helps doctors submit forms to insurance companies to make sure they’ll get paid for procedures before performing them and then submit paperwork afterward. Eligible charges a fee for use, and the platform integrates different programming languages and systems through the company’s product. Eligible has raised $1.5 million in funding so far.
  • OpenPlacement works to improve the process of pairing up seniors and senior care providers in the Bay Area. The company helps consumers analyze the offerings and costs for each provider, and then pick providers based on their individual needs.
  • Wellframe allows doctors to connect with their patients to provide out of office care through mobile apps after patients have been discharged from the hospital. It’s a Boston-based company that lets a doctor monitor patient care from a distance and check in when intervention is necessary. The company says that it uses “mobile technology and artificial intelligence to translate clinical protocols into personalized, adaptive to-do lists.”
  • Wildflower Health works to improve the health of pregnant mothers and lower health care costs by flagging potential complications much earlier in pregnancy through real time updates and mobile apps. The company provides a mobile platform for pregnant women, letting them check out their progress toward delivery and alerting them to options existing from their health care providers.
  • Zipongo targets consumer diets. The company has created a product called GroceryRx that works with major grocery chains to provide users with both recipes and tips for discounts and deals. The recipes are aimed at helping consumers eat more healthfully, targeting particular diet areas where they can change their habits. The company has raised $2 million in seed funding so far and is looking to raise more.

Other companies from the batch that GigaOM has previously covered (Rock Health announced this current class back in October), include Beam Technologies, which makes connected toothbrushes, Mango Health, which does gamified mobile health apps, Wello, the video platform that lets users work out from home via webcam, and LabDoor, which helps users understand what’s in their supplements and vitamins.

Rock Health fourth startup class February 2013