Want Google Glass? You’ll need some luck (and $1,500)

Google (s GOOG) announced Wednesday that it’s making Google Glass, its augmented reality smart glasses, available to a lucky few “creative individuals.” U.S. residents can apply now to receive — or, rather, have the chance to buy — a pair of Google glasses. They have to make their case on Twitter or on Google+ in 50 words or less (plus up to five photos and one video) by February 27.

If selected, applicants will have the option to pay $1,500 plus tax and then head to “a special pick-up experience in New York, Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay area.” Applications are judged based on “how creative, compelling, original, useful, and influential the applications and their proposed uses for Glass are, and how broad a spectrum of user interaction they would provide.”

So far it seems as if Google Glass’s Twitter account @projectglass is fielding a lot of complaints about the U.S.-only requirement. The company also tweeted that it’s working on a solution for people who wear prescription glasses, and that available colors will be “Tangerine, Charcoal, Shale, Cotton and Sky.”

Google also released a video taken through Google Glass, showing that users can take pictures, record video and get translations, answers and other info by asking.