Snapchat’s video feature comes to Android

Snapchat brought video to its iOS(s appl) app back in December, and now the ability to send video Snaps is hitting Android(s goog) as well, opening up the new features to Android’s large number of users. The company just recently completed a $13.5 million Series A led by Benchmark, and released the original Android app in October 2012.

Snapchat allows users to send Snaps, which are photos or video clips, to other users who can then view the content for a few seconds before the content sort-of disappears from that person’s phone. The company noted in a blog post Thursday that building video for Android presented unique challenges due to the differences among different Android phones, and Snapchat will keep tweaking the product as it rolls out:

“Making Snapchat video for Android has been exciting, but has also had its fair share of challenges. The Android phones that many of us use were never designed with Snapchat in mind, and that can be tough when developing a hardware-based application. The video feeds and playback behavior can differ greatly – often with no guarantees or warnings.”

A jump to Android is especially interesting in this case, because Instagram(s fb), widely seen as the most successful in mobile photo-sharing apps, saw such a jump in usage (and a resulting interest from Facebook) after it went to Android in April 2012.