Emerging security technology under the spotlight

graphic_ponemonSecondPostWhen we commissioned the Ponemon Institute to examine the efficacy of emerging security technologies, it was on more than just a hunch that reality falls short of promised protections. As a longtime security vendor and purveyor of next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that make up the emerging security technology sector, we at Juniper wanted to understand how efficient these defenses have been against threats this past year.

It came as no surprise to us that over 4,700 global participating IT professionals and security practitioners told the Ponemon Institute despite current security investments, their cybersecurity posture is at a 4.7 on a scale where 10 is most secure. Further, 60 percent of organizations reported having one or more breaches in the last year.

Addressing cyber-attacks has become the stuff of Presidential State of the Union Addresses and World Economic Forum charters. Today’s hackers are organized, motivated and thanks to cloud and SDN, have virtually unlimited compute and attack surfaces with which to work.

When asked about their biggest security concern, 56 percent of firms identified the need to secure web traffic as top of list. When asked about the top three most serious attacks faced by organizations, respondents reiterated their concerns with outside-in attacks on web applications and data centers:

• 62 percent expressed concerns about web-based attacks
• 60 percent expressed concerns about distributed denial of service attacks as a top concern
• 47 percent specifically calling out SQL injection attempts

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