Internet of things Podcast – Almond+’s nutty idea: Making sensor connectivity a snap

What do you need for the Internet of things? It’s not entirely clear yet, but what we do know is that right now there are several ways to connect devices to the home network but a consumer doesn’t really want to have to wonder how to connect a Zigbee thermostat to their home Wi-Fi network. That’s why router startup Securifi has produced the Almond+ router that aims to build a home network-capable router that will include Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave controlled by a touch screen. The goal is to automatically connect sensors into your home network much like you can bring in a Wi-Fi capable device and have it just work when you bring it onto the network.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham

  • The problem of too many boxes with your connected devices
  • Why you need connected lights, but not a connected fridge
  • Why Nest is not the best case study for the Internet of things
  • Why Z-wave is the better standard for home sensor networks today and why ZigBee gets all the love

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