Koozoo launches its crowd-sourced mobile webcam network

San Francisco-based ambient video startup Koozoo officially launched its mobile webcam network Thursday. At the core of Koozoo’s service is an iPhone (s AAPL) app that allows users to share live streams of their surroundings.

Users can either opt to stream short snippets, or turn their old iPhone or iPod touch into a continuously streaming webcam. Kozoo’s ultimate goal is to provide a crowd-sourced live video layer to the world, allowing people to check out what’s going on right now at popular places.

I first wrote about Koozoo in December. Back then, I argued that Koozoo is part of a bigger trend to turn on the cameras of the world and bring ambient video to the masses:

“The company’s idea is unique and their use of otherwise obsolete technology charming; but the premise of Koozoo’s app goes much further. We all have tons of cameras surrounding us 24/7. Chances are, you’re looking at a screen with a built-in camera right now, and there might be another one in your pocket. And yet, we rarely use any of them – and if we do, we tend to record clips that often remain unwatched.”

With Koozoo open to everyone, we will now have a chance to see whether people are ready to embrace always-on ambient video.

Check out some screenshots of the Koozoo app below: